How to get Website Traffic

Making your blog pretty and nice is only half what it makes it traffic friendly.

For starters, you need back links. You need traffic.

The fastest way would be to basically submit your site on Google and edit your tags.

But tags just simply would not do, nowadays tags are sometimes ignored.

You need to make your presence known. And here are some tips to get you started.

1. Submit your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing. Getting crawlers in your site is the 1st step.

2. Sign up to blogs,forum et al where your niche is and get your identity known. There are times that people will get interested in your post that they simply wanna go see your site. Post interesting and helpful stuff.

3. Submit your site to free backlink providers. Simple run a google search on "free backlinks" you will get plenty of them. An example would be

4. Google search "ping blog" and submit your link to each and everyone of them that you like.

5. And most important of all. Keep your blog interesting. Without any solid or good content. People will just glance and look away.

Cheers. Until next time.