Dual login on Windows 7

In Lieu with the absence of a working Hidetoolz in Windows 7, people have already worked on Windows 7 alternative to dual login.

People have experimented with the fact that perhaps if they used a virtual terminal it may work. Well, it does work.

With the onset of Windows 7 comes Windows XP Mode. It is rather unfortunate that Windows XP mode is non graphics friendly. Meaning, if you are using anything that may involve Direct X, then you are out of luck.

Someone had posted in the PH RFBoards that VMWare is working. So ok, I thought, I might give it a try since. I did try a couple of other stuff before going to VMware.There was Virtual Box, which I might say is pretty fast for a virtual machine for Direct X support is not that good.

So here we go.

Dual/Multi login prerequisites:

1. VMWare Workstation -

A 512 MB downloable from vmware - you have to go through a pretty stiff registration process.

2. An Effin Good Rig -

What? I mean your system minimum specs must be:

- Dual/Multi Core above 2.2 GHZ. - at least

- 2 Gigs of RAM. 4 Gigs Pref, 8 Gigs would be Awesome!

- 3-4 Gigs of Disk space ( if you plan to map the RF exec as a net app )

- 10 Gigs of Disk space if you plan to install RF virtually.

3. Windows XP SP3 .

Windows XP SP3 installer of course - Make sure that you have your Windows Key since during the installation VMWare will ask you for the Windows Keys. You can find it on the sticker that came with the Windows XP installer.

4. RF Online installed or installer.

5. RTFM!!!!

Steps to get it working.

1. Register and download VMware from


2. Install VMWare.

3. Launch VMware and Map the ISO or CD installer for Windows XP SP3

4. Install Windows XP SP3 - Takes about 30 Mins depending on your specs.

5. Install RF Online or Map RF Online Folder.

6. Play RF Online.

Things that you need to know:

1. The Virtual GPU Max is 128 Mb, so do not expect to much.

2. Make sure that your PCs cooling and ventilation is superb, otherwise it will pretty much generate heat to shut your pc down.

3. This stuff is good for leeching Lowbie characters in HQ Map. I do not suggest for other Maps, it will get too laggy.

4. It will not work with graphic intensive Maps live Outcast or Beast Mountain.


  1. An error says something like cannot create video display. any solution? it's about the video card in VM.


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