Ways to earn Money in Cora.

Nowadays, you rarely see corrites farming.

The only farmers that you will see are the specialist who would like to keep their income steady by crafting jetpacks. Even they are now scarce.

This guide is intended for newbie corrites who would like to earn ingame desina to fund their in game spending.

Please take note that this guide is intended for player who play at home and and not for those who play in netcafes.

Here we go.

1. Create a character with the initial class of a warrior.
2. Level the character to 30 and upgrade to Summoner Class.
- Why summoner? Please note that GM reavers are quite expensive especially the Elite debuffs.
3. Make sure that you only use your melee skills so that you can obtain the Elite Skill Purge.
4. Level your character to 40 and select the Faust class.
5. By now you should have your purge skill. If not level your Melee Skills some more.
6. Then you go AFK buff mode using macro. While doing this you might want to summon you Innana to ensure that no HP potions are wasted during sacrifice.

I often use the following Skills in the macro bar.

Purge - Always comes first.
Tempo - This comes second. This ensure that you cast force buffs at a faster rate.
Conservation - Conserves your Mana potions
Velocity / Speed
Sacrifice - This ensures that you replenish your mana pool at the end.

7. Once you GM all your buffs skill you can now vend them in the UTS. You can also sell your innana as well.

This pretty much will apply to Bellato but you will be spending more capital.