Kennz goes for an upgrade

It has been a long time since I have updated the blog. It is either that I am too lazy to type, busy playing, busy working or sleeping.

Yours truly has also taken time of playing RF Online. Recent economic events and the lackluster of being a corporate peon got me thinking. There is a necessity of upgrading my skills in order to rake in more dough and be able to afford life’s luxuries.


I am an IT Professional currently working as a corporate slave working for pennies and dimes. My current abilities are far from firing fireballs and lightning and hurling object using mental magic.

Yours truly is of noble orcish decent slaving away in the IT farming gold. Gold that can barely buy me a decent weapon to combat the everyday monsters that are encountered everyday in the grueling dungeons of Metro Manila.

Anyways, since the enlightenment and am currently seeking to upgrade my IT skills by reading and learning what I can. I am also thinking management may be good, but I guess that would be a long shot.

No, I am not planning to take on Cisco and MSCE, I am going the route less traveled. The route that might reap more rewards in the long run..

The reason why I am not taking Cisco, besides my IT networking background, is that most new graduate peons now learn and have the basic knowledge. In the playing field, it is like betting on the lottery, the odds are against you.

Even though they studied on paper and paid more that does mean that they know more that I do. I have been to hell and back learning networking.

MCSE, I can learn by myself as well as Linux.

I also took into myself learning HTML and any other web creation tool that I could muster. BTW, blogging is what I consider a past time. Even though, people really make a lot of dough mustering words and sensibly shoving opinions up people’s brains, it is really not my forte.

Don’t be worried, I will still be blogging updating this and that, doing this and that.

For now, I need to go back to my reading…. Cheers..