RF ONLINE : Unlimited 6% Quest

Since its already out there in the open. I might as well spill it out for those who do not have any idea how the experience quest 6% is done.

Ok 1st on the Menu, you need to get your butt to level to 51. Once your 51 then you can avail of the quest.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Get yourself to Elan Novas tree. If you do not know where that is then go to elan and launch your Map. Look for the green circle that would be your landmark.

2. Once you get to the Elan Novus tree, Novas, what ever. Get yourself to buy the type A-E quest. Nevermind worrying about getting them. Just do it.

3. Once you purchased the scrolls, pick the quest by selecting the quest when you hit the quest option when you talk to the NPC quest NPC.

4. Now get your ass to outpost and go look for the person of Merit. If your an accretian he looks like a level 33 launcher only red.

5. Now get yourself to pick the Operation N quest. Naturally since your quest journal is full it will not allow you to take the quest.

6. Do step number 5 six times. Why six? Quit your yapping and just to it.

7. Ok, now cancel your quests on your quest journal. Now why would I do that, beats me just go do it.

8. Once you have cancelled the quest, pick the operation N quest.

9. Now get yourself to Lures Lot in ether. You need to kill 10 Caliana Archers, 20 Caliana Atrocks and 20 Caliana Crew.

10. Once you are done with the quest, you will be prompted with new quest notifications. This will determined how many experience potions you will get.
As for me, I get 3. So thats 4 in all.

11. Anyways, you now need to repeat the operation N quest. Once done all your quests would be the same.

12. You can now take the quests all at once.

13. BTW I forgot, do not logout till you finish the Operation N quest.

14. Just follow through with the quests and you will be fine. \

15. Once finished. Drink all the experience pots and go back to step one.

BTW the last 2 parts of the quest is where you will be having a hard time. The quest would be taken in Windy Low and Sette Highland respectively.
The best hours to do the quest is between 3 AM to 9 AM. Why that time, its because most bellato repellers are asleep or readying for the chipwars. As for the corrites, expect them to pester your quests at night.

During the 3 AM to 9 AM window, you can easily get 1 quest in 30 minutes. That should be around 12 quests if your not tired of seeing the faces of the caliana archers.

Tee hee


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