My thoughts about the virus and all.

The virus is now really out there. As of the moment, WHO, the authority in world health has categorized the AH1N1 level 5. This means that its bound to go spread wildfire and be at level 6 in no time. Once its level 6 it would be a major, I repeat, a major pandemic. 

On the lighter side, the said flu variant is not like H5N1. H5N1 ? If you may recall S.A.R.S, well that is what they call H5N1. Anyways, S.A.R.S causes severe damage to you internals that it leaves you bleeding like broken pipe. H1N1 is what they call a mild flu, you do no die from the said flu but rather from the complications.

Why complication? Dunno, I am not a doctor, but as per my reading, it often leads to severe pneumonia that basically dismantles your respiratory system leaving you a veggie in the hospital bed. 

Anyways, as of the moment, the Philippines, has 33 confirmed cases of the said swine flu. One of the top universities has closed down its doors for a week or so since they have 3 confirmed cases. 

The numbers, it bound to rise. And while we are all busy talking about the flu, we kind of forget that there are far more deadly diseases out there. 

Yes, its already the rainy season and you may expect those pesky bloody sucking mosquitoes in and out your domicile. As of this writing there are already 60 plus deaths attributed to dengue. 

Ok, enough of this. I need sleep, I can't afford to make my health even worst. And no I don't have AH1N1, I am just dead tired from work. See, I am not even typing and writing coherently.

Anyways, cheers.