RF Online : Working Multi Client

Since the recent patch of RF Online PH Novus Rising, people are wondering, when will we have a working Multi Client.

We all know that CCR has spoiled us way back in the Beta days where we can use our extra characters to store our items since the regular store is not really that spacey.

Also having multi clients in RF Online allowed us to level our PT faster while we sleep. This goes true when you are a Corrite or a Bellato with a level 1 Accretian avatar de buffing each time you buff up.

Since the release of the No_Patch.exe client by Level Up Games, somehow people were able to use Multi Clients. Also the Multi Clients are often used on hacks and dupes.

I do not do DUPES. I hate server crashes, just to clear that out.

Now back to the topic.

I have found a way, through sheer determination and will power, since email in game is very very very very very heavy on the budget.

Since the server is not crashing anymore and one would like to go back to trading, storing and hoarding items. Yes hoarding, there are things that might not be of use today but will be of great use tomorrow. Yes, that is how people who want to be rich in game think.

Anyhow, like I said, I have the said Multi Client its working!!!

@Level Up Games… Please don’t bash me. I am just helping the community. Anyways, this does not detail editing the game client. So peace...

Ok so here is the deal, I am thinking of releasing it to the responsible public.

Please post your comments and help me think about it.