Hatton TKO In Round 2

I woke up 11 AM today due to the noise the neighbors were making. As I pulled up an all nighter changing the layout of this blog, I did not realize that today was Pacman Vs Hatton.

As I opened my eyes, I saw my wife and brother in law in front of the computer looking at the live stream from teampilipinas.info that I bookmarked last Friday.

Just as I was washing my face, I soon realized that Ricky “the Hitman” Hatton was on the canvas startled, dazed like an animal shot by one of those tranquilizer darts.

It was the end. Hatton hit the hay 2 times in the initial round. And as soon as the time was about to expire in the second round, he fell blanked due to the massing left hook that took him by storm. I remember Ippo Makunochi from Hajime No Ippo with his signature gazelle punch.

The blow, I am not sure if it was the so called Manila Ice, but it left Ricky staring blank at a distance while being transported with a spine board.

Now I am at work and people are viewing the delayed telecast stuffed with tons of commercial. Right now people are all smiles. Even those who lost bets are smiling. They know the name Manny Pacquiao is etched in History.

Anyway, like a always say, today is one of those undeclared Philippine Holidays, the Manny Pacquiao day.